Southeast Asia Water Filter Campaign

Give Life through a Ceramic Water Filter

With your HELP, Oasis International Resources can provide clean safe drinking water to over 200 households!!  With a gift as small as $20, you can help provide a ceramic water filter for 1 family.  This will provide a new source of safe drinking water for up to 2 years!

Why They Need Your Help

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 1 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation facilities in Southeast Asia. This means that their water sources are contaminated with bacteria such as E-Coli. Most families in Asia obtain drinking water from public taps, wells, or directly from the river. This means their drinking water is contaminated with the same bacteria that cause diarrhea and other intestinal diseases. Because of this contamination, people must boil their water before drinking it or purchase bottled water. However, bottled water is too expensive and to boil water they must still purchase kerosene, LPG or wood. All of which are not only expensive but also harmful to an already fragile environment.

It is estimated that close to 3% of all children in Southeast Asia die before reaching age 5. Most of these deaths are caused by diarrhea derived from E-Coli spread through their source water. Through our partners in Southeast Asia, your support helps Oasis International Resources (OIR) purchase ceramic water filter for familes that provides clean safe drinking water for up to 2 years..  That is as little as 4 cents a day! Not only are you helping provide safe drinking water, our partners distribute the filters and provide personal hygiene and sanitation education to the entire community.