Pelita Indonesia Distributes Water Filters in Cisaat, Indonesia

On October 12, 2016, Pelita Indonesia distributed 50 water filters on behalf of Oasis International Resources (OIR) to residents living in Cisaat village.

This small farming village north of the city of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia predominately raises livestock but is known for the beautiful panoramic views.  Although the views are amazing, the quality of water in the area is not.  Years of farming, trash and industrial waste have polluted all the rivers and streams in the area.  Most villages in West Java must purchase bottled drinking water or boil water before drinking.  Unfortunately, even when boiling water they do not boil it long enough to kill the pathogens that exist.  This results in almost 4% of all children dying before the age of 5!

Everyone deserves access to clean safe drinking water.  Because of your generosity, Oasis International Resources was able to purchase 50 ceramic water filters from our partner Pelita Indonesia to be distributed in the village of Cisaat.  You made a difference in this community!  Now over 200 individuals have access to safe clean drinking water on a daily basis and have attended education seminars on personal hygiene.

You too can help!  Please click here and help others in Southeast Asia have access to safe drinking water today.