Lilypad Distributes Water Filters in Ta Ngo Village

On June 23, 2016 our partner, Lilypad Co. Ltd., distributed 20 water filters to the Ta Ngo Village School.

The Ta Ngo village encompasses 200 homes and one grade school (K-8).  In this rural area of Myanmar, clean water is not something readily available as many still use contaminated springs or public water pots. Due to your support, Oasis International Resources (OIR) was able to provide $1,070 to Lilypad as part of our 2015 campaign.  As a result, two ceramic water filters were placed in each of the nine classrooms and the teachers room.  Because of your generosity, hundreds of children now have access to clean safe drinking water on a daily basis.

You too can help!  Please click here and help others in Southeast Asia have access to safe drinking water today.