Pelita Indonesia Distributes 20 Water Filters in Sukaresmi, Indonesia

On December 8, 2016, Pelita Indonesia distributed 20 water filters on behalf of Oasis International Resources (OIR) to residents living in the village of Sukaresmi south of the regional capital of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia.

Sukaresmi sits high on a volcanic mountain in the Rancabali providence and is known for strawberries and tea plantations.  Although the soil may be perfect for growing this lovely fruit and drink, the streams that run nearby are still polluted with high levels of the dangerous bacteria e-coli. Because of the pollution, many villagers must purchase bottled water to drink.  Some still try to boil their water but not nearly long enough to kill the e-coli that is present.  This leads to very high numbers of dysentery cases each year.  Some even leading to death!

Because of your generosity, Oasis International Resources was able to purchase 20 ceramic water filters from our partner Pelita Indonesia to be distributed in the beautiful village of Sukaresmi.  You made a difference in this community!

You too can help!  Please click here and help others in Southeast Asia have access to safe drinking water today.